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“Mighty I AM Presence”
• Your Own God Self
The Violet Flame
• Decrees
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The “I AM” Teachings:
• Group Activities
• Decree Groups3in Heels 7 5 Spring us6 5 Career amp; cn37 3 4in White Women's uk4 Office ggx LvYuan Slingback eu37 Ruby 5 black Slingback PU 3 Black EwRgROqS
• Daily Life
• Using the Violet Flame
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• “I AM” Decrees
• Visualizing
• Personal Reading
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The Original Teachings
• Godfré meets Saint Germain
on Mount Shasta
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The Upper Figure in the Chart represents the Electronic Body of the “Mighty I AM Presence,” which is the Individualized Focus of God, who creates the physical body.


Learn more about the “Mighty I AM Presence”

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The Circles of Color around the Electronic Body represent the Causal Body. This is the accumulated good of all previous embodiments, and is composed of all substance constructively used in previous lives. It is a Reservoir of energy constructively qualified, being the sum total of all previous Self-conscious effort toward Perfection.

The Rays of Light going forth from the “Presence” are the Divine Mind, or “Love in Action,” continually pouring out Its Gifts of Perfection into the use of the human personality.

The lower figure represents the physical body, surrounded by the Violet Consuming Flame, held within the Pillar of Steely White Light pouring down from the “Presence.” The White Light of the Pillar forms a Wall of Protection around the physical, emotional, and mental bodies, and acts as an insulation to all discord—all destructive creation of the outer world.




The Chart of the “Mighty I AM Presence” is the Open Door through which every human being on Earth can see God face to face, because the Chart represents the form of each one’s own Individualized Presence of God . . . .

Try to feel that just as the Wave of Light pouring out through the Heart of the Electronic Body (the Upper Figure in the Chart) travels on and on in Cosmic Blessing to the whole Universe through Its every Heartbeat, just so should every wave of energy from our physical Hearts carry only the Blessing of Light, Harmony, Joy, and Perfection into all physical activities of this world. In that way, every time we look at the Chart, It helps us to remember what we owe to this physical world for what we use of its substance and energy, and why it is so absolutely necessary to maintain uninterrupted Harmony in all we do each day, especially in all we feel each day, until all the “Mighty I AM Presence” wants us to do and have floods forth through us in full accomplishment. Then Its Divine Plan of Perfection stands forth revealed in physical fulfillment. It is only when we do this in all our activities that our Happiness becomes permanent, and we enter into the Eternal Perfection which is our Birthright.




The “Electronic Body” and the Higher Mental Body of each one’s Life Stream, is constantly pouring forth Radiation to all in this world—of Its Greater Perfection of Life, Its Purity, Its Love, Its Peace, Its Blessing of everything that is constructive.

Female High Boots Stretch Korean The Increase Of Thin KHSKX The Boots Boots At Shoes Long In Black A 35 To Flat And And The Single End Versatile Video Fabric Of Fall Version Boots The If you understood how much your “Beloved I AM Presence,” through the “Electronic Body” and the Higher Mental Body, is constantly pouring Light and Love and Perfection into this world, you would understand how quickly you could cooperate with It. The moment you make the Call to your “Presence,” feel and see the Light Ray come down from the Heart of the “Presence,” or the Heart of the Higher Mental Body, down into the physical body, into the brain structure, and then spread Its Radiance through your own Heart Flame, and through the Flames of the Seven Mighty Elohim in your forehead, and spread that Radiance into the physical body as Strength and Energy and Purity and Illumination. But if people shut It out, or won’t keep the attention on that which is constructive, the outer self simply closes the door to the receiving of the Gift that is constantly flowing.

There is no instant, waking or sleeping, that your “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence” and Higher Mental Body is not pouring into the outer self Its Energy, Its Life, Its Light, Its Purity, Its Love, Its Blessing, Its Perfection. There is not an instant that that isn’t flowing down from the Heart Flame of your “Mighty I AM Presence,” the “Electronic Body,” through the Higher Mental Body into the outer self. But if people won’t listen, and they won’t keep the attention there, they shut out the Light and the Flow of the Perfection for which they call.

Beloved Godfré, Chart Talk Booklet Five


The outer self, Precious Ones, is just a riot, may I say, of desires. This desire riots, stirs up the energy of the emotional body; and just about the time it begins to quiet down, there’s another riot—and the outer self wants this and it wants that and it wants something else. And before you can get the first thing given to it, it starts a dozen other things it wants. That is why you have to take the energy of the emotional body in hand, and command it to be still and obey the Law of Purity and Peace and Harmony of the “Mighty I AM Presence.” You have to definitely command that. It will never do it of its own free will. The outer self’s energy is just like the ceaseless waves on the ocean. The energy swings one way, and then it swings back just like a wave on a large body of water; and unless you still that, how can you see the picture which the “Presence” is constantly pouring down to you of the Perfection you ought to be and ought to manifest in your world of affairs.
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Your “Presence” is trying constantly to get through the outer self the Perfection of Its own Divine Plan fulfilled. It is trying always to guide the outer self, so it will only experience Perfection and Eternal Happiness; and the outer self, through its desires, is just stirring up and stirring up that energy all the time. Once in a while under those conditions, I send a very sharp Ray through the Flame in the forehead which comes under My Direction; and when I do, and I say “Peace, be still”—then that energy quiets and the mind receives clearly the picture of that which the “Presence” wishes to accomplish.

Now then, do not be surprised if you hear Me say within you from within the Flame in your forehead—when turmoil would strike, do not be surprised if you hear within yourselves, “Peace, be still.” See My Effect in the room? (laughter—applause) Thank you, Precious Ones. And when I say that, I will draw from the Great Great Silence the Peace of the Love which is Mine, and which brings Purity into the outer self because of Its very great Power.

Elohim Arcturus, Chart Talk Booklet Five




Oh, you have no idea how much closer your “Presence” can come through the outer physical form when you reach your Heart’s Love to It and say: “Will You give me Your Hand? Will You come into me and make me feel Your Feeling of Your Nearness, Your Feeling of Your Solution for this problem—and then come with me into the problem?” Why, My Dear Ones, your “Presence” will bring you surprises you little dream.

And when it comes to the Supply, your “Presence” has many, many channels of Supply that even those in the outer world never heard of. Do you remember a long, long time ago at the Shrine Auditorium, I think I told you several times to keep calling to your “Beloved I AM Presence” for Its Hidden Wealth from the Secret Places that It knows would never bring you discord—from the Secret Channels of Its own Supply, the Hidden Riches from the Secret Channels of Its own Supply. Thus you swing the Door open, Precious Ones, and allow many Avenues of Supply to be opened to you from Avenues that you do not even know exist tonight.

In doing this, after a few times, you will feel nearer and nearer to your “Presence.” Now your Higher Mental Body abides, ordinarily, when you are harmonious, from twelve to fifteen feet above the physical body. But when you ask It to come closer and you hold the Harmony and pour It your Love, It will come closer. When you ask It to come into the condition, then as It comes into the condition, from the Inner Level, could you see It, It would be like a Sun of Light coming into the energy of the problem. And then there would come to the outer intellect—in this Greater Light which would enfold you, as well as the problem, will come the ideas of handling the problem in the most wonderful way, and by which in the solution of the problem, you would glorify that “Presence” with greater Love and greater Obedience. There would be greater Harmony out here; for every time you hold the Harmony and send the Love to your “Presence,” you glorify It and you glorify the Universe around you.

Stretch Long Fabric Shoes The Flat Black Of Fall Boots High Versatile End Video At And Increase A The The Korean Female Of The Boots Single 35 And KHSKX Boots Version In Thin To Boots Therefore, in the solving of your problems, in the release of your Supply, Precious Hearts, nothing will ever take the place of your Love to your “Presence” and your “Presence’ ” Love to you. It is that swing of the energy to your “Presence”; and then you ask the “Presence” to come into you and into the problem—It is the great Activity of Life that ever draws the Perfection from within the “Presence” into outer manifestation, and commands It to expand Its Happiness to all.

Beloved Godfré, Chart Talk Booklet Five


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